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How to be close to Allah Almighty


Allah's closeness

Positive Knowledge

Observational Knowledge

Physical universe

World of Angels

Supreme Stage

Oneness with Allah

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The basic and the foremost objective of Islam is to provide peace and security to human beings so that one can achieve closeness of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty has created human being for His qurb (intimacy) and wisaal (unification).

Allah Almighty Commands in Quran:: "“I did not create human and jinn, but for my worship.".

The Sufi scholars interpret it as Allah’s qurb, wisaal and His Ishq (enamour or passionate love); it cannot be accomplished without recognising or attaining marifat of Allah Almighty. Hazrat Gauth ul Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) said, “If a person is unable to recognise Allah Almighty then how could it be possible to worship Him?” The first principle of a perfect worship is to acquire Allah’s marifat and recognition. That is why Allah Almighty says,“Among you there should be an organisation that invites people towards Khair (Allah's closeness), carries out persuasion of Allah’s recognition and stops them from badness. Those will be the successful people.” The Sufis interpret the word Khair here, as Allah’s qurb (intimacy) and wisaal (unification); for which marifat and recognition of Allah Almighty is a fundamental requirement. When marifat and recognition of Allah Almighty is acquired, a passion for the qurb of Allah Almighty is automatically born within. With that, evilness comes under control. There are three levels of marifat and distinction of Allah Almighty.

The Sufis interpret the word Khair here, as Allah’s qurb (intimacy) and wisaal (unification); for which marifat and recognition of Allah Almighty is a fundamental requirement. When marifat and recognition of Allah Almighty is acquired, a passion for the qurb of Allah Almighty is automatically born within. With that, evilness comes under control. There are three levels of marifat and distinction of Allah Almighty.

Allah's closeness

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First level: The Knowledge of certainty or Ilm ul yaqin is to recognise Allah Almighty through the knowledge and intellectual reasoning. This level of marifat depends on mere controversy. Its scrutiny is based on estimate and presumption. When knowledge is derived from intellectual estimation and presumption then criticism emerges. It results in a form of division and confusion. It is therefore insufficient to completely depend on controversial knowledge, because controversy is only the beginning and it is not the ultimate. The level of knowledge of certainty is a rather weaker form of Allah Almighty’s marifat. At this level human beings are always in the range of hazards from being misled by the nafs (inner evil self) and Shaitan.

Positive Knowledge

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Second level: Eye of certainty or Ain ul yaqin means the noor (light or illume) of insight to distinct Allah Almighty. This is the level where after observing the light of Allah Almighty with the eye of soul, the observation of Allah Almighty’s illuminations start. This is the medium level of marifat and recognition. It is not based on hypothesis; it is rather based on observation. Even at this level, due to the imperfect guidance by an immature and inferior murshid (spiritual guide), one can become a victim of misleading factors with occurrences of Shaitan’s deceptions..

Observational Knowledge

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Third level, Truth of certainty or Haqq ul yaqin is obtaining Allah Almighty’s knowledge through verification and observation with illuminations of insight. This level is the distinctive knowledge (of noor) of Allah Almighty which is ultimate and complete; and the fear of being mislead does not exist any more. This is the level of qurb of Allah Almighty. There have been many incidents reported in the Qur’an for the training of the seekers of wisaal of Allah Almighty: if read and understood in superficial way, one can become a victim of the ludicrous theories and situations. However, if one is trained for spiritual education then one can be relieved from unnecessary complications and wrong ideas. It is important for the talib of qurb of Allah Almighty to be faithful. Furthermore it is utmost important to understand the condition of his faith. Certifying and witnessing with heart is the name of the faith; however, it is the nature of heart that it would not believe anything without seeing it. It has a desire to observe things. That is why one is always impatient for the observation. Even then, there are elements of danger in such observation. To highlight importance of the observation, for faith, an incident is quoted in Holy Quraan,:-

"“And when Ibrahim requested to his Sustainer, ‘Let me observe how you will bring dead back to life’ (Allah said) ‘do you not have faith in it?’ (Ibrahim) replied ‘why not (I believe in it) but I would like to satisfy my heart. It (heart) would not be satisfied without observation’”

From this incident, the point to understand is that for an accomplished faith relying on mere hearsay and assumption is insufficient. The basis of the faith is on the outcome of the observation; without observation the heart will not certify and it will rather object and criticise all along

Another verse in Quraan says, "And that’s how we (Allah) made Ibrahim observe the kingdom of heaven and earth so that he becomes from among the learned faithful.".

In this verse, for the importance of the observation, faith has been highlighted for the assistance of talib e qurb e Haqq Talah (a person longing for the intimacy of Allah Almighty). The Prophets are always on the level of true knowledge i.e. Haqq ul yaqin. Another verse is recorded in theQuraan:

"When on him night fell so (Ibrahim) saw a star, he said he is my Sustainer when it faded he said, I don't like the one that fades away. Then he saw glowing moon he said, this is my Sustainer and that also faded away. He said, if my Sustainer had not guided me I would have been among the misled. Then he observed the sun shining he said, this is my Sustainer because this is bigger then the others, when it went down he said, my people I am disgusted with those whom you associate with Allah. I have turned my face towards the one who created heaven and earth and I am not from polytheist.”".

Physical Universe

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Aalam-e-Nasoot: The mortal universe is, in fact, the proceeding of the spiritual observation. When the talib of Allah Almighty travels through different levels in the mystical journey and various spiritual stages; he passes through different spiritual states, stages and situations and sees various displays of illuminations in the level of Nasoot (the mortal universe). When the display of the manifestations of nafs appears on the talib, then he sees the light of his righteous deeds as a glowing star. He mistakenly takes it as the display of Allah Almighty’s personal illuminations. He then claims that he has reached his Sustainer. However, after a time when he is elevated to a higher stage and moves forward he finds that the light of actions (righteous deeds) is extinguishing. He then understands that this was not the display of Allah Almighty’s Divine Light. .

World of Angels

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Alam-e-Malkoot: The world of Angels. After that when he reaches the level of Malkoot (the world of Angels) he receives the manifestations of qalb (soul). The manifestation of Allah Almighty’s Divine name is seen as a glowing moon; then again he claims that he has received the tajalli (manifestation) of Allah Almighty’s Divine noor. When he pursues forward and this manifestation extinguishes then he recognises it was not noor-e-zaat (noor means illume or light and zaat means entity or essence).

Supreme Stage

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Aalam-e-Jabroot: The supreme Stage. Furthermore he elevates to the level of Jabroot (supreme stage), and on him manifests the tajalli-e-ruh (the light of spirit) and the attributes of Allah Almighty are seen as a shining sun. He claims that he has reached anwaar-e-zaat-e-Elahi (the Divine illuminations of Allah Almighty). When the salik (wayfarer) moves forward and realises that this was not the tajalli-e-zaat-e-Elahi. He starts realising that he does not like the noor (light) that extinguishes.

Oneness with Allah

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Aalam-e-Lahoot: Oneness with Allah. After that he reaches the level of Lahoot (oneness with Allah). There he sees the manifestation of Allah Almighty’s Divine Splendour without excitement, direction or hesitation. That tajalli does not extinguish on any account. The seeker concludes this tajalli is of zaat-e-anwaar-e-Elahi. The purpose of the entire event was to alert the seeker of the qurb-e-Haqq ta’la (intimacy of Allah Almighty) and the imminent dangers on the path of marifat (recognition), he would be facing. On this journey, one must not settle down satisfactorily at any level but one must keep moving onwards. Regarding this our exalted Prophet said, “It is haram (forbidden) on the qalb (soul) of Aulyia (the friends of Allah) to settle down in one place.” They must continue their spiritual journey until they reach their destination. It is because the completion of their faith depends on their observations. Allah Almighty says, regarding the talib of truth, in order to incline them towards observation,

Allah Almighty says, regarding the talib of truth, in order to incline them towards observation, . "“That is how we (Allah) show our seekers, in this universe and in his spirituality, show our sign; until they achieve Allah Almighty’s kamil marifat and distinction."

In these verses, Allah Almighty mentions both the physical universe and the spiritual world. Here universe means (this) physical world, where we live and it is observed with five senses. However, the spiritual world is the name of an invisible world, which can only be visualised spiritually. The outward senses cannot feel the spiritual world, it’s also known as Aalam-e-ghaib (the invisible world) and the spiritual world. The spiritual world is the reality and our (visible) universe is its copy. That is why the ruh’s actual affairs are concerned with the invisible or the spiritual world. Allah Almighty has told us that the source of His (Allah’s) marifat and distinction is the signs, which are hidden across this universe and the spiritual world.

Allah Almighty has told us,Allah Almighty has told us that the source of His (Allah’s) marifat and distinction is the signs, which are hidden across this universe and the spiritual world. FONT>

Allah Almighty says: "“Alif, Lam, Meem (Arabic alphabets); (This is) the Glorious Book in which there is no chance of doubt. (It is) a guide for those who guard against evil and fear Allah: Those who believe in the unseen.”

Meaning those who observe the invisible world; as faith depends on the spiritual observation and with that the faith becomes stronger, accomplished, and perfect. From Zaat-e-Elahi down to the lowest level of entire universe, there are three levels of creations. Also there are three levels of Allah’s Divine illuminations. The levels of creations are as follows: (1) The lowest is the universe we exist in, at present. It is known as Nasoot. (2) Above Nasoot is Malkoot: the level of angels. (3) Above that is Jabroot: a sphere of Allah’s omnipotence. There are Allah Almighty’s Divine illuminations. The three levels of Allah’s Divine illuminations are as follows: (1) Above Jabroot is Lahoot. It is creation’s oneness with Allah Almighty. This is the actual abode of human being: also known as the reality of human being. (2) Beyond Lahoot is Yahoot, this is called Noor-e-Mohammadi or the reality of Mohammed . (3) Beyond Yahoot is Ha hoo yiat; this is the pure monotheism of Zaat-e-Haqq ta’la (Allah’s Oneness in reality).

In Nasoot, the source of human being’s success and good fortune is the knowledge of Sharia (Islamic divine law) and its practices. Its reward is Jannat-ul-Mawa (lower stage of heaven). This heaven is far away from the qurb of Almighty. That is the reason human being should not be content with it by remaining there. This is like a trap to stop one from the Divine qurb. To move forward from Nasoot one needs ilm-e-tariqat (knowledge of tariqat) and aa’mal-e-tariqat (action of tariqat) and with the help of these a human reaches to the level of Malkoot. In Malkoot human being is rewarded with Jannat-un-Naeem (medium stage of heaven). This is also a trap to stop one from the Divine qurb. The requirement for moving forward, from Malkoot, is ilm-e-marifat (knowledge of recognition) and aa’mal-e-marifat (actions of recognition). The talib of Almighty moves from Malkoot in to Jabroot, at this point his residence becomes Jannat-ul-Firdos (highest level of heaven). For the talib of Allah Almighty, this stage is still far away from the qurb of Almighty, and this is a beautiful trap. One must not be content with it. Moving forward from Jabroot he enters his real home territory i.e. Lahoot; for that the qualification is ilm-e-haqiqat (the realistic knowledge) and aa’mal-e-haqiqat (realistic action). The reward for this is Jannat-e-qurb (the heaven of intimacy of Almighty) in Lahoot. There are none of the luxuries like shraab-e-tahoora (the wine without intoxication), good food, and hourie (eloquent women created for the residence of heavens). Instead there are the manifestations of Almighty where human being remains content without any sorrow; this is because he has moved from Aalam-e-khulq (the world of creations) to the Ruh-e-Qudsi (spirit of sanctity). There he takes stability in the qurb of Almighty. Allah Almighty has classified this human stage as His spirit. The Qur’an states, “And in it (human) I have blown my soul.” The spiritual state of human is not from physical world, but it is from Aalam-e-amar (immortal world) and that is from Aalam-e-ghaib. Until the human is in the stages of Aalam-e-khulq i.e. Nasoot, Malkoot and Jabroot he is in danger of Shaitan and nafs. They could defeat him any time that is why Arifs have cautioned the talibs of Almighty.

The Quraan states, "and in it (in human nature) I have blown my soul"

The spiritual state of human is not from physical world, but it is from Aalam-e-amar (immortal world) and that is from Aalam-e-ghaib. Until the human is in the stages of Aalam-e-khulq i.e. Nasoot, Malkoot and Jabroot he is in danger of Shaitan and nafs. They could defeat him any time that is why Arifs have cautioned the talibs of Almighty. )

Alama Iqbal (RA) says in his poetry:

O bird of Lahoot! Death is better than the food that fails your (spiritual) flight The recognition of the disbeliever is that he is lost in the universe; the recognition of a momin (true believer) is that the universe is in him. If it isn't disbelief, then it is not less than a disbelief that a person of Allah is tied up in here and present (hazir aur mojood). Forgiveness, firmness, piety and heavenly; four elements are recipe for being a Muslim. .

Regarding stages from Nasoot to Jabroot, Sultan ul arfeen (king of Arifs; a title) Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (ra) writes: there are 738300021 levels between qurb of Almighty and a person, from which the highest level is known as Sirr-ul-ummi (secret of unlettered), beyond that, is Lamaqan (place of residence with Allah). But in a faqeer’s view, these stages, including Lamaqan, are less valuable than the wing of a mosquito; as these stages have inclination towards creation” (Ain-ul-faqr). Hazrat Sultan Bahoo ra further says, “O dervish! If you are flying in the air, then you are at the stage of a fly (which is better than you in its flight). O dervish! If you are walking on the water, then you are at the level of a particle (that floats on the water better then you). O dervish! If you are (in Jabroot) studying Lawa-e-mahfooz (the divine tablet that have records of all mankind’s doings) and telling people their fate and destiny, then you are at the level of an astrologer (only he has better predictions than you). This kind of faqeeri is not dervishi. The kind of faqeeri which is dervishi, is that you extinct yourself in the oneness of Allah Almighty; in such a way that in everything you glance at, you observe the manifestations of monotheism; and spiritually you are present in the majlis (company) of the Prophet (blessing and salutation be upon him) ” (Ain-ul-faqr). .

It is because these stages have inclination towards creation. Hazrat Sultan Bahu RA further says in (Ain ul faqer) at another point that, O dervish (sufi trainee) If you are flying in the air then you are at the stage of a horse fly, however it can fly better then you. O dervish if you are walking on the water you are at the level of a particle that floats on the water, that particle floats better then you. O dervish if you are in Jabroot (sphere of Allah's omnipotence) and you are studying Lauh e mahfooz (divine tablet, recording of all mankind's doing, telling people about their fate and destiny. Than you are at the level of an astrologer whereas he is able to present better predictions then you. This kind of faqeeri is not dervishi, the kind of faqeeri that is dervishi is, where you destroy your self in the oneness of Allah Almighty in such a way that in everything you glance at you observe Anwar e tauheed (illumines of Allah oneness), and spiritually you are present in the company of the prophet of Allah blessing and salutation be upon him.

When a human enters in Nasoot; beginning with the practice of Sharia and starts spiritually through actions of the mystical path, marifat and reality; he reaches the majlis of Hazrat Mohammed and he achieves the oneness of Almighty: his faith is accomplished. He then, by reciting Shahada (testimony) announces: I bear witness that there is no one besides Allah and I bear witness that Mohammed is Allah’s devotee and messenger.” This Shahada is not an ordinary Shahada but a testimony. A testimony has to have the eyewitness otherwise it is inadmissible. A complete declaration of faithful is when he dies before his death (going through three levels of human nature: Nasoot, Malkoot, Jabroot) and reaches in the qurb of Allah. He takes baiat (oath of allegiance) on the hand of the Holly prophet , and recites the Shahada. According to the wise and knowledgeable, by reciting the Kalima (Islamic creed) a person becomes a Muslim, but he cannot be a momin

Allama Iqbal ra says:

If your intellect says la-e-laha, so what? If heart and vision is not Muslim, then it’s nothing. If you don’t possess a longing heart; then your body is a humiliation for your soul and vision. Universe is actually an inheritance of a sacrificial momin; if he is not a person of Loulak then he is not a momin.

Those, who consider that mere physical actions of Sharia are accomplished faith and perfect Islam, are wrong. In spite of performing pious actions outwardly, they are empty-handed and remain far away from the qurb of Almighty, even though the actual purpose of human existence is gaining qurb of Allah Almighty.

Sheikh al Akbar mohyuddin ibn Arabi (ra), regarding Qur’anic words “not of those who face displeasure and are misled”, says: “the meaning of the word ‘displeasure’ in this quote refers to the Jews because they have abandoned the spirituality and have been preaching outwardly actions such as Sharia, prayers, fasting, pilgrimage, Zakat and love of heaven and fear of hell. They have restrained themselves merely to the physical actions. Therefore, Allah Almighty condemned them as ‘those who will face His displeasure’ for abandoning spirituality.

The word ‘misled’ is for Christians. It is because they have abandoned the Sharia and fully concentrated on accomplishing spirituality; they ended up becoming monks. Their negligence of Sharia has landed them in the misleading trench.” Allah’s law is still the same and if anyone abandons any one from visual or spiritual actions, its result will be misleading. Such person will be humiliated in this world let alone the qurb of Almighty Allah. Ever since the Muslims have abstained from achieving spirituality, they have been humiliated and disgraced beyond the Jews and Christians. It is important for a faithful to attain perfection outwardly as well as inwardly (spiritually). There is another big fault in it, which is, the pious actions are practised for desire of heaven and fear of hell. It is accurate that the reward for pious actions has been mentioned in the Qur’an and Hadith, time after time, but it was an excuse to incline human beings towards piety. If the prayers are conducted for the sake of greed then it is possible to reach the heaven but the qurb of Allah is absolutely impossible. Moreover if the worship is for the fear of hell then perhaps one gets salvation from hell but again the qurb with Almighty Allah will not be obtained. .

In the Zaboor (psalm) Allah Almighty Commands:“Who is crueler than the person who obeys me for heaven or hell. If I had not created heaven or hell, was my dignity not of such that I would be obeyed?”

Allama Iqbal (ra) says:

With the abandonment of sermon, you achieve your objective; you have abandoned the world now abandon the hereafter. This is not a trade, this is devotion of Allah; O naïve! Relinquish the desire of rewards.

Hazrat Isa علیہ اسلام once saw a group of worshippers who were frail in abstinence and devotions. Hazrat Isa علیہ اسلام asked them “Why is your condition like this?” “With the fear of hell and temptation of heaven”, they replied. Hazrat Isa علیہ اسلام said, “You are frightened of creation and have desire for creation!” After that, he saw another group who were skinny, frail with abstinence, and devotions. Hazrat Isa علیہ اسلام asked them, “How did you reach to such condition?”, “We are in this condition due to the respect and love of Allah Almighty”, the group replied. Hazrat Isa علیہ اسلام said, “You are the real friends of Allah Almighty and I have been ordered by Allah Almighty to stay with you.”.

Sultan-ul-arfeen Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (ra) says, “The world is a state of desire and the hereafter is the state of lust; a person in the state of contentment has no concern with both of these. Allah is sufficient! All is temptation besides Allah!” (Kuleed ut Toheed Khurd)".

Hazrat Abu Haazam (ra) said “I get embarrassed by worshipping Almighty in fear of punishment and to be like a bad character slave who would not work without fear”. The Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ و سلم, says, “Amongst you no one should be like a bad labourer who does not work if he does not receive the payment and no one should be like a bad slave who does not work without fear.”

The qurb of Allah Almighty and His marifat is tastier than everything. There isn’t any taste better than this! Hazrat Abu Suleiman Durani (Ra) states, “Some servants of Allah Almighty who can not be stopped from Allah Almighty, by this world, neither have a fear of hell nor the expectations of the heaven; how could this materialistic world stop them?”

Hazrat Maroof Karkhi (ra) was asked by his talib mureeds (disciple), “What has inclined you towards devotion and forced you away from the creations, was it remembrance of death?” “No!” He replied. “Was it the period of state between death and resurrection in the grave?” The disciple asked. “No!” He replied again. “Was it the fear of hell or desire for heaven?” Disciples asked again. He said, “No! All of these things are in the control of a King. If you start yearning for Him then you will forget everything else. If you gain His marifat then you will be saved from them all. The flavour of Allah Almighty’s marifat will make you forget them all.”.

Keeping in mind the above realities, if you look carefully at the organisations, in the Muslim world, those are fulfilling the preaching role. Their entire preaching is limited to the world of creations. Their invitation is focused on the reward for their deeds and the fear of hell. With the inclination towards Sharia, you will receive pardoning from hell and possibility of achieving the heaven. Among them there isn’t any such organisation that is calling towards the qurb of Allah Almighty. There are other organisations claiming spiritual activities but they are hundreds of miles from the real path of mysticism. The actual path is which the exalted Prophet said, “Sharia is the tree, tariqat is its branches, marifat is its leaves and haqiqat (reality) is its fruit.” However, majority of the people have been restricted to the essential rituals of Sharia such as prayers, fasting, Hajj, Zakat and Jihad and their apparent meanings; therefore they are lost in it. They have classified tariqat, marifat and haqiqat as non-essentials. These people are not even aware of the alphabet of tariqat. The key to the spiritual observation is to be on the path of Sharia and dhikr through the guidance of murshid (a spiritual master). Some so called Zaakirs (initiator of dhikr) hold their breaths in their chests, increase their heartbeats and think that their qalb (soul) is awakened. They are overjoyed with it and start inviting others to it. The others are those who go into sobriety with the loads of aloud dhikr and claim it as the completion of spirituality. Sufis consider it sheer ignorance and robbery of talib of Allah Almighty. Sultan ul Arfeen Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (Ra) says, “I am surprised at the group of callous people who chant loudly the dhikr ‘Allah hoo, Allah hoo’ day and night but remain ignorant of the reality of Ism-e-Allah zaat; they fall from grace, they remain wandering in the religious innovation and confusion and their heads are filled with the desires of nafs.” (Kuleed ut Toheed Khurd)

“The dignity of personal name of Allah is such that if someone performs prayers, fasting, pilgrimages, Zakat, recitation of the Qur’an and be engaged in mystical exercises for all his life or become a learned person and receives the honour; but he is unaware of the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat and the contemplation of the name Mohammed Õáی ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ æÓáã , then his lifelong mystical practises and worshipping have been destroyed and wasted.” (Ain ul faqr)

“Without the conception of Ism-e-Allah zaat, from heart, one cannot expel: dangers, khannas (the Shaitan who inserts doubts into one’s heart) and Shaitan. It does not matter if one becomes an Arabic scholar, studies the issues of Sharia or even spends all his life in the mystical practices and devotion. Even if, due to the excessive mystical exercises, he becomes a hunchback and his body becomes gaunt; his heart remains dark. He will not reap the benefit even if he keeps on banging his head by the stone of mystical exercises.” (Kuleed ut Toheed) .

(“This is not the heart which pulsates on the left side of your body; this beastly heart is present in the bodies of all: disbelievers, hypocrites and Muslims.” (Ain ul faqr) “How foolish are those who do not have a spiritual knowledge of heart, nafs, and ruh (spirit); they tie this lump of flesh (physical heart) to the location of heart and engage in reflection (of dhikr) and call it the qalbi dhikr (recital by heart) and synchronise the movements of this lump of flesh with breath and bring it into the chest and call it dhikr-e-qurbani. They bring this lump of flesh in front of their eyes and claim it as a dhikr of noor-e-hazoor. They name it as dhikr-e-Sultani; all such people are mistaken and they are all in the danger of evil temptations.” (Kuleed al Toheed) “A sign of concealed recital is that, in the solitude of heart, it observes Haqq ul yaqin (the true knowledge of Allah Almighty).” (Kuleed al Toheed) “A zaakir always overcomes his desires and has the qualities of a qalandar. If a person wants: his nafs to become obedient and submissive even if he eats fatty or spicy foods and wears silk and satin dresses and still remains secure from the materialistic world; shaitan, Khannass (a Shaitan who inserts suspicions within the heart), Khartoum (a Shaitan who has a trunk like elephant and it sucks the thoughts, from the talib’s mind, which are in accordance with Sharia), superstition, misgiving and hazards are completely removed from his heart; then he should contemplate Ism-e-Allah Zaat.” (Kuleed ut Toheed kalan) “Contemplating Ism-e-Allah zaat, for a moment, is much better than staying in the seclusion for forty days continuously for religious or for worldly matter; with it (Ism-e-Allah zaat) human can reach the company of the exalted Prophet , in a moment. For such a person what is the need of namaz Istikhara (supplication prayer for guidance and inspiration)? Because he can observe both worlds on the back of his nail, however, this is the beginning level of faqr.” (Kuleed ut toheed) )

“When Ism-e-Allah Zaat affects a person, he becomes a learned scholar, formally as well as spiritually. Contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat is the hazoori of Allah Almighty; contemplation of ism-e-Allah zaat bestows the marifat of illallah (no one besides Allah) by allowing one to be in the company of the exalted Prophet . With the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat the filth of all hazards and superstitions is eliminated. Furthermore, with the Ism-e-Allah zaat one can study the pages of Allah’s marifat on the slate of heart.” (Kuleed ut toheed) “The talk of conformism is like a word carrying no weight; on that you should recite la haol (seek Allah’s help). During Allah’s dhikr absorption is misgiving. Bodily high and low temperature is the sign of a castrated eunuch; shivering and crying on listening music is a level of Shaitan, a sign of madness and it is a sub conscious lunacy. Such people are hollow, without any marifat-e-Elahi.” (Kuleed ut toheed) “O talib of Almighty! You should know that the real objective of: marifat of oneness, tajrid (abandonment of worldly desires), tafrid (abandonment of desires for any reward), struggle, observation, dhikr and revelation, is to bring your heart to life. A stage of the revelation of heart is the status of a fanatical majzoob (absorbed free thinker, carefree of Sharia); accountability of nafs and revelation by graves is a stage of inferior people. Qabd (withdrawing from outer to inner), bast (expending spiritually), revelation, and suspiciousness are the stages of separation (from beloved Almighty Allah); flying through the universal creations are the signs of greed and lust.” (Kuleed ut toheed)

“Due to the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat, a talib resides in Lahoot; views the manifestation of Allah’s noor with open eyes and he becomes disgusted with the desires of both worlds. There he sees ain (actual or exact), listens ain and achieves ain.” (Noor ul Huda Kalan) “It is the highest level in Marifat and unity with Allah Almighty whenever a talib of Allah wishes he is honoured with Almighty Allah’s view; he is honoured with the company of prophet Mohammad . These stages are only achieved when, on the very first day, a kamil spiritual murshid shows the talib of Allah Almighty an ultimate path of the hazraat of the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat, with which the entire knowledge is achieved automatically and the entire treasures of wisdom opens up. This complete knowledge is acquired by true talibs, from a murshid, without any medium just like a lamp lights another lamp. This knowledge could never be achieved through ceremonial formalities; instead this particular ilm laduni (an inspired knowledge of Allah the Immortal) is transferred continuously to Arifs from chest to chest, concentration to concentration, contemplation to contemplation, reflection to reflection and tassarruf to tassarruf.” (Noor ul Huda)

“Allah Almighty is invisible in human body just like the pistachio is invisible inside its shell. A kamil murshid takes the talib to Almighty Allah’s hazoor and honours him with the beloved Almighty’s view, within a moment. He is never separated from Almighty Allah regardless he is in the universe of life or in the universe of death.” (Taufeeq ul hedayat) To be a murshid is a weight bearing and an important job. A faqeer, who is not permitted spiritually to deliver education and persuasion to the talibs of Allah Almighty from the honourable court of the prophet Mohammad , is stupid if he administers persuasion and delivers sermons on his own; he is an idiot. He is eventually humiliated and dishonoured. A glance by a murshid is an absolute Divine help of Allah Almighty, which removes selfish veils of evil and darkness from the body of the talib of Allah Almighty. (Noor ul hudah) (Noor ul hudah)

The conclusion of above is that, a complete learned murshid compels the talib of Allah Almighty to obey the prophet Mohammad Õáی ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ æÓáãand restricts him in Sharia and he immerses the talib in the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat; the contemplation of Ism-e-Allah zaat is an alchemy which completes the batin (inner-most) of the person. Therefore, unless one’s batin is awake, no matter how much he engages in supererogatory prayers or mystical exercises, he is deprived of qurb-e-Elahi (Allah’s intimacy). Due to the deprivation of marifat of Almighty a person is deprived of tavvakal (reliance on Allah Almighty). That is the reason a despite knowing, ‘Allah Almighty has taken the responsibility for the livelihood on Himself and from His Noble Court a defined amount of livelihood searches to the person it is destined to and reaches him like death’ he becomes greedy and runs after his livelihood like a lunatic; even though Allah Almighty Commands:

"“And observe that the animals do not carry their daily bread with them where ever they go Allah (Almighty) gives them their daily bread and he is the one who gives you your daily bread. (Why don’t you have faith in Allah Almighty?". Despite having the knowledge, that one day death is supposed to come to everyone, human being is running on the path of infidelity. Why is all this happening? The Muslim Ummah (community) is being religious and yet most of us are agitated, destitute, unhappy and miserable. It is all because like Christians and Jews, one faction of Muslims has abandoned the batin (inner-most) and adopted to physical actions of the religion and the other faction has left the physical actions and restricted to nurture the batin only; they do not belong to either the physical or the spiritual side of Islam. Those, who are naive about the reality of Islam; carry out majority of religious propagation and instead of mortifying nafs, they worship it. Their objective is to: provide comfort to their nafs by verbal and physical actions and deeds, to be prosperous in this world and in the hereafter, to eat and drink good food, to wear nice clothes, to be safe from any discomfort and to enjoy the pleasure and comfort for the nafs from the luxuries of heaven in the form of blessings. Actually these people are involved with the creation in this world and in the other world (as heaven) and all of its luxuries are mere creations. Not a single organisation is working towards the qurb (intimacy) of Allah Almighty.

Sheikh Hazrat Sayyed Abdul Qadir Jilani Ra states, “The heart that has love for the materialistic world, is veiled from hereafter; the heart that has love for hereafter (heavens and its pleasures), is veiled from qurb-e-Elahi (intimacy of Allah almighty). As the love of materialism increases in your heart, the love for hereafter decreases in it and as the love of hereafter increases in your heart, the love of Allah Almighty decreases in it. (Fatah ul Rabaani) .

Keeping in mind the above facts a wise Arif of truth, Hazrat Sahibzada Sultan Asghar Ali (may Allah bless his soul), a direct descendant of Hazrat Sultan ul Arfeen Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (ra), has formed an organisation for the talibs of the Almighty and named it as Islahi Jamaat. The motto of this organisation is “to run towards Allah” and “Allah is sufficient! All is temptation besides Allah!” At the moment the Islahi Jamaat is fulfilling the religion’s most important obligation under the leadership of “Jan-nasheen of Sultan-ul-faqr (6th) Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Mohammed Ali sahib. His both brothers Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali sahib (chief secretary general of the Islahi Jamaat) and Sahibzada Sultan Mohammad Bahadur Aziz sahib are also assisting him to continue the mission of their father. The main headquarter of Islahi Jamaat, is based at the resident of Hazrat Sultan Abdul Aziz (ra) at the Durbar of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo Ra in Jhang Pakistan. This organisation continues propagation all over the country and with the Divine help from Allah Almighty there are hundred and thousands of people who are coming to the path of the Supreme Sustainer. Every year 12 - 13 April Islahi Jamaat celebrates its annual congregation in relation to Milad-e-Mustafa Õáی ÇááÀ ÚáیÀ æ Óáã(the birth of our prophet ). The talibs of Allah Almighty come from all over the country. This introduction is an open invitation for the readers to join the Islahi Jamaat. The Islahi Jamaat is not an instrument for polishing and promoting any one’s piety, instead this Jamaat is a caravan of the people of self denial who have scarified themselves for the path of Allah. You could send your children, either who have passed at least primary or who are educated but out of job at the moment, to give their time to Islahi Jamaat so that they can learn how to purify themselves physically as well as spiritually. These people can help purify the society; you will not be financially burdened by this process. In these difficult times of temptations Islahi Jamaat invites people to come and get training, to clean themselves spiritually as well as physically and to attain the marifat of Allah Almighty which is the actual objective of life. We pray to Allah Almighty: let all of us complete our inner and outer spiritually and bestow us with the perpetual presence of the exalted court of Your beloved Prophet ; salutation be on him , his family and his companions. Original Urdu text written by: Late Sad Ameer Khan Niazi Serwari Qadri (RA)a servant of Islahi Jamaat and Urdu translator of Ain ul Faqr, Kaleed u toheed, Majalasa tun Nabi, Noor ul Huda and others. For further information regarding any topic discussed, about Sultan Bahoo ra and spirituality or to order and obtain information about Mir’at ul Arfeen international, please contact us. You could download Hazrat Sultan Bahoo Ra books from free of charge, for the hard copy please contact.

Original urdu text written by: Saed Ameer Khan Niazi Serwari Qadri (RA)servant of Islahi Jamat and translator of Ain ul Faqar, Kaleed u tohid, Majalis tun Nabi. Noor ul Huda and others.

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